Lambda Event Sources

Scheduled Events

Chalice has support for scheduled events. This feature allows you to periodically invoke a lambda function based on some regular schedule. You can specify a fixed rate or a cron expression.

To create a scheduled event in chalice, you use the @app.schedule() decorator. Let’s look at an example.

app = chalice.Chalice(app_name='foo')

@app.schedule('rate(1 hour)')
def every_hour(event):

def index():
    return {'hello': 'world'}

In this example, we’ve updated the starter hello world app with a scheduled event. When you run chalice deploy Chalice will create two Lambda functions. The first lambda function is for the API handler used by API gateway. The second lambda function will be for the scheduled CloudWatch event (the every_hour function). The every_hour function will be automatically invoked every hour by Lambda.

The Chalice.schedule() method accepts either a string or an instance of Rate or Cron. For example:

app = chalice.Chalice(app_name='foo')

@app.schedule(Rate(1, unit=Rate.HOURS))
def every_hour(event):

The function you decorate must accept a single argument, which will be of type CloudWatchEvent.


  • You must provide at least 1 @app.route decorator. It is not possible to deploy only scheduled events without an API Gateway API.